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Vampyre DVD
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SEAN HARRIS (Writer/Director/Editor)

From the early days, Sean blindly stumbled into writing and directing influenced by the cult works of George Romero and John Carpenter."George Lucas was my first film hero" says Sean. "But horror was my other passion. I had a pretty intense love for the 70's and early 80's exploitation industry." Sean wrote and directed DARKAGE shorts "A KILLER IN OUR MIDST II" and III and the first feature "VAMPYRE." He is now working on the next full length film.

SAGE STATHAM: (Producer/Editor)

Recruited during the "second wind" of DARKAGE (summer of 1994), Sage would finalize the team and bring his talents as an editor and production manager to the table. Later, he would expand and become the center DARKAGE PICTURES producer. Sage edited the KILLER series, co-edited VAMPYRE and produced it along with the previous "KILLER III".

JOSEPH JONES (Special Make-Up Effects)

Another original member and founder, Joe was the visual make-up effects specialist and art designer of the group. After a short leave and return to the company, Joe would gain acclaim in first "A KILLER IN OUR MIDST III" and then "VAMPYRE" by showcasing his talents as a detailed effects artist. His post production work also includes many logo and graphic designs for theatrical posters.
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