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Vampyre DVD
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The killer left for dead in the original returns! First time writer/director Sean Harris, still writing a full length feature for serious production, produced this as a practice lead-up piece to gain experience with the available equipment and crew. Bringing back the initial actors and "basically re-making the first movie with about 40 bucks", DARKAGE PICTURES released this cult hit sequel to the movie no one had ever seen. The first real completed project for the company.
"I was working on VAMPYRE, trying to get it off the ground, when one night I drew out a title for A KILLER IN OUR MIDST II." says Sean. "I'd been caught up writing for a really long time, and was anxious to get into shooting something. I wrote this quick cheesy script in three days and got Sage and the original actors in, and off we went." Three months of shooting and two months of editing produced the sequel that no one would have ever believed possible (or just believed, period). Shown as a double bill performance with the first flick in May, 1996.
KILLER II was a load of homages to most of Sean's favorite slasher film sequels. References to FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 and HALLOWEEN II found their way into dialogue and plot. Some of the script was trimmed out, however, due to time and restrictions. These included the killer catching wildlife for food, and teen victims Jessica (Catherine Norris) and Brian (Joseph Beeney) losing more clothes and making connotations to actually "doing it" in the woods (later pulled to make a certain middle school endorse the final product). The only stuff that was actually shot and cut to the floor were reaction cutaways of Curt Berry and the girls after the explosion, which was scrapped when it didn't match the stolen stock footage.
Kris Ugrin, featured as "the principal" in KILLER II, is a Fort Bragg native known for his work on a previous high school made movie in the 80's called THE BROTHERHOOD.
Cast & Crew
Detective Rodriguez     Nathan Rodriguez
Micah Micah Greenwald
Himself Curt Berry
Sarah Heather Smith
Sarah's Friend Staci Wood
The Principal Kris Ugrin
Brian Joseph Beeny
Jessica Catherine Norris
The Teacher Robert Permenter
Class Boy Eric Dixon
Class Girl Lilian Hoereth
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