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....and if your interested in the pre production of the film click here. Learn what Micah was going to be but due to the unforeseen was not.
This is the second effect in the film. Micah just slashed this guy's chest.(yikes) Anyway heres how we did it. First we cut to Micah slashing down then a shot of this guy falling down. The prosthetic was sculpted in plasitcine clay using "Greys Anatomy" as a reference. Then it was cast and gelatin was poured into the mold. It dried and was placed on the actor painted and bloodied up. It took two hours to sculpt and another hour to apply for a whooping Two second shot.
The burned up hand of Micah was created by applying a geleatin(click here for recipe) compound to the hands and painting it with red and black pigments, then coating it with KY jelly.
This is one of the first effects in the film. The throat cut was done by slicing a curved section out of a knife and running a tube(Thanks Tom Savini) behind it. Then the knife was placed on the actors throat and fake blood was pumped through the tube getting the effect you see here.
This shot was whipped together on fifteen minutes notice. The director wanted to shoot and the actors fell into place so...I had no choice but to shoot. I however had not prepared and had to think of a gelatin like substance that could be mixed with coloring and applied to hands. What was it....Dep hair gel mixed with food coloring. We had to be very fast with the shots because it melted in bodyheat. It was a very messy shoot that day.
This effect was sold well due to awesome editing. I had a way to do the effect and it didn't work. So, I had to improvise. It was basically a piece that had fallen off of the Killer's hand placed on her eye. Then she pulled away. Then we ran a tube of blood up her arm and in between her fingers and pumped blood through it. It was cut together beautifully. I thought people would jeer but suprisingly a lot of people say that was the best effect.
This was an arm wound with blood spurting out. She had a wound on her arm and the tubing was held in her hand and fake blood was pumped out.
This effect was pretty standard gelatin throat wound with blood.
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