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Well, it is finally finished. At least on my end the effects have been shot, all in two days /nights mind you. We shot all the scenes in 12-15 hour shoots. We would start early in the evening and not get out of there until 7 or 8 in the morning. Very tiring indeed. Spending hour upon hours in a cramped room with five or six other people tends to make you a little crazy. But as long as the Snapple (Raspberyy iced tea is my fave) is flowing and scenes are being done it's great. So here are some pics and storys from that night. Enjoy.

I am really busy at my day job so there are not any clickable pics.
Sorry, what you see is what you get.

The yellowish stuff in the bowl is geleatin. The brushes are used to apply the stuff to the actress and the mold(which I had to remake, due to the fact that the frist on cracked in two. This one was sculpted and poured in about two hours time)
Heres the set up. Joe Aldana (the guy in theflannel shirt) is the vampire. He has just finished trying to tear out Rachel's throat. So he has blood (in our case chocolate syrup) on his face it is being applied by my make up assistant (who was sort of pressed into it out of nessisityat the time) and me holding the syringe ready to pump the blood from his back against the wall
The exit wound so to speak. Where the soy sauce and chocolate syurp was supposed to come out.
This is after the fith or millionth try. Me coated in this wierd mixture which smelled heavily of soy sauce , ready to try again. We then hit on the idea of just me angling behind Joe out of camera and sprayin the stuff directly from the syringe. Needless to say it worked(yipee). Thank god I was about to give up movies and be a hermit in Albion.
Joe taking a hit. It looks really good in black and white. Trust me.

Post movie shoot mess not fun to clean up.
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