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A student is murdering his classmates in this notoriously acclaimed Z-grade masterpiece. The original inspiration for a series of locally produced "slasher" movies, A KILLER IN OUR MIDST was made by a seventh grade class learning video production and edited by DARKAGE PICTURES, a then beginning company of young movie-makers trying to produce their own first feature film.
One-Shot Productions (said seventh grade class) shot this home-movie and attempted editing it on the camera, resulting in a hilarious but wonderfully spirited amateur presentation. The teacher of the class, friends with the members of DARKAGE, asked them to edit and polish it up with credits, music and sound effects. It was shown to a crowd of kids and their families in April of 1995.
"I came out to the school when they were in the middle of shooting--just to do a presentation on horror films and special make-up effects." says Sean. "I had no idea at that point that Sage and I would end up getting involved, but it was cool seeing the kids doing this stuff. We had never had a video production or cinema class or anything when I had gone there years before."
The original version of the movie was actually shot and showed at its premiere in color. The black and white "remastered" print, later added to the KILLER trilogy tape, was really a guise to cover up the quality loss that occurred after a certain teacher person (no names mentioned) taped a sports event game over the source tape. Also, some of the gratuitously lengthy chase sequence as well the introduction to Detective Rodriguez was trimmed out to quicken the pace during shows. In 2006, an uncut and color version surfaced and was digitally preserved for the ULTIMATE EDITION DVD.
Cast & Crew
The Detective     Nathan Rodriguez
The Killer Micah Greenwald
The Teacher Curt Berry
Comic Relief Andy Humphries
The Pursued Alex Gibney
Victim 1 Tallie Spiller
Victim 2 Sarai Winkler
Victim 3 Richard Washburn
Victim 4 Shayne Cowell
The Father Jason Loomis
The Mother Candice Johanson
The Daughter Noelle Chesnut
The Imposter Eric Hewitt
The Postman Gil Greenwald
The Principal Tom Fierro
Mr. Garrat Mike Garrat
Music Teacher Don Winkler
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