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For killer Micah Greenwald, this bloody entry to the local trilogy would be his most vengeful. Allowing more time for a script, a bit more experience with the camera, a bigger budget, and make-up artist Joseph Jones (who had been away from the team for a few years), A KILLER IN OUR MIDST III would be the most memorable addition to the series. Years have passed at Fort Bragg Middle School, but the derranged campus killer still haunts the cursed grounds. Two helpless teenage girls, along with a crazy ex-teacher and the help of a detective who reluctantly reopens the case, go head to head with the brutal menace once again.
"OVERKILL wasn't a planned thing." says editor/producer Sage Statham. "We were re-shooting VAMPYRE for the third time and we ran out of budget, energy, and actors" (three sets had been used up already). "It was sitting in pieces, and we were exhausted. Sean went home and wrote this after having a joke about it, and it just sort of did its own thing." Seeing the most prestigious budget to date (thanks to Statham), KILLER III would be the ultimate DARKAGE fx showpiece. "We were proud of how this came out at the time." says make-up artist Joseph Jones. "It had a real feel and more effects than either of the first two movies."
Most of the bits in the shooting script that never saw it to raw footage were based around special make-up effects that couldn't be performed in time. One included a much more extended ending, after the paramedics were pulling bodies from the school dance, and several subplots were cut out as well. The elimination of a few characters plus the grisly demise of the school principal and main female teacher were among the main things dropped.
Micah was planned to be "revealed" in this chapter of the KILLER saga. Make up effects technician Joseph Jones sculpted a prototype bust and then cast original actor Micah Greenwald's head (who was scheduled to play the killer again--click HERE for pictures) but it was damaged during production and there was no time to rebuild the piece. Reluctantly, the makers had to keep the sack on his face.
Cast & Crew
Laurie     Schea Statham
Jamie Edith Melendez
Himself Curt Berry
Detective Reiniger Kent Wallace
Micah Michael Hicks
Mrs. Grantham Robin Curry
Principal Marco A. McClean
Alex Brian Dixon
Denise Tallie Spiller
Ms. White Karen Deitz
Stoner Girl Victim Bethany Smith
Stoner Boy Victim 1 Jack Carter
Stoner Boy Victim 2 Devon Hemmings
Hall Victim Jasin Little
Ms. Strode Lisa Rosati
Rosini Steve Rosin
Betty Wallace Shorty
Laurie's Mother Kathy Matlick
Laurie's Sister Nicole Matlick
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